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A Doctor's guide to a healthy back

What causes back pain and discomfort?

Specific Spine is the guide for anyone seeking clarity about the most mysterious of all joints – the human spine!

  • Where does a disc bulge come from?
  • Why is physical therapy not working for you?
  • How can you get better after already having tried everything out there?

Written for clinicians, therapists, trainers, and ordinary people with
back pain, this book gives readers;

  • Recognition of the root-cause of most back pain
  • Guidelines for when and when not to proceed with surgery
  • Instruction on posture and movement
  • Tips for selecting the right mattress , chair, and car
  • Rehabilitative exercises with instructions and

Get this book today to begin to understand what causes back pain.

This book covers

  • the limitations of standard spine care 
  • spine anatomy and function  
  • how a disc bulge (and other types of injury) occur 
  • the key reason for chronic back pain 
  • the principles of good posture 
  • and illustrated exercises with step-by-step instructions.  

Learn about the different parts of your back

Back Image 1

Side-by-side illustrations and MRI images of
the most common injury mechanisms, such as a disc bulge

Back Image 2

Detailed advice on posture and ergonomics

Exercises for rehabilitation


And exercises to get strong


And so much more helpful information!

LYSANDER JIM, M.D. is the first physician to be certified as a Master Clinician by world-renowned professor of biomechanics and clinical authority Stuart McGill, PhD. Dr. Jim consults with spine patients throughout the United States at his private clinic in South Pasadena, California. In addition to his clinical practice, he serves as a
lecturer and medical legal expert. His interests include wellness, psychology, and writing.

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