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Mastery Medical specializes in the treatment of select complex chronic illnesses for which we can make a substantial improvement in diagnostic precision and treatment outcomes compared with conventional medical care. These include the treatment of low back pain and chronic inflammatory conditions from mold exposure.

Dr. Lysander Jim founded Mastery Medical in 2017 with the vision of bringing advanced diagnostic and treatment principles to the public. From his experiences in conventional pain medicine, he found that standard approaches for back pain and chronic fatigue tended to focus on symptoms rather than healing.

His mission was to make a larger impact on the health of patients who were often misunderstood, dismissed, or neglected because of how sick they were. To make this vision possible, Dr. Jim studied and became certifiably proficient with top thought leaders. These researcher-scientists include Professor Stuart McGill for spine pain and Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker for chronic inflammatory illnesses.

The main underlying themes between these diverse groups of illnesses are that the patients who typically seek us out have seen numerous other clinicians without attaining the benefit and insight they had hoped. We only offer services for which we can apply what we believe is a superior standard of principles.

“Better principles, better health” means getting to the root cause of your symptoms. It means identifying the main leverage points for why you got and are staying sick–which may be related to lifestyle, environmental exposures or missing treatment with diet, supplements, and prescription medications. This precision is individualized and confirmed with objective lab and imaging testing when possible. Treatment, likewise, is individualized to the patient, sequential, and adjusted.

Lysander Jim M.D.

Lysander Jim, M.D.

Functional Medicine and Spine Specialist

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Dr. Lysander Jim M.D., has written a comprehensive book on uncovering the issues many people face with their back and most specifically the spine.

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