Clinic FAQ

General Questions

What conditions do you treat?

Low back pain, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome and cognitive decline are our primary areas of focus. We also treat dysautonomia, hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome and select nutritional deficiencies.

Do you take insurance?

No. For all services, Dr. Lysander Jim is out-of-network with insurance. However, you will be provided a Super Bill that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. You may also call your insurance provider ahead of time to inquire about the “reimbursement for an out-of-network doctor for a diagnostic code of 99205 and 99215.”

Why does the clinic not take insurance?

The amount of time spent and individualized nature of care would be unsustainable within the insurance system, which typically reimburses for about 6-10 minutes of care. By contrast, our initial consultations are as short as 1 hour and as long as 3 hours.

How much does a visit cost?

Please view our fees page for information.

Why is a non-refundable initial deposit needed with scheduling the initial appointment?

Due to high demand and our long visits, we have limited clinical time and use the deposit policy to protect the schedule from cancellations from undecided prospects. This policy serves to ensure that only prospective patients who are absolutely committed to coming in will sign up with us.

How do I schedule?

All visits are by appointment only and scheduled through phone 626.838.5485.

Where are you located?

Starting in 2019, we have established our permanent office location at 625 S Fair Oaks Ave, Suite 360, Pasadena, CA 91105.

Also notable, many PPOs provide coverage for labs and other clinical studies ordered by Dr. Jim.

Why doesn’t Mastery Medical participate in Medicare or Medicaid?

When a patient receives services at our clinic, patients may not submit a claim to Medicare for reimbursement. The biggest disagreement between doctors and Medicare involves the issue of “medical necessity.” Put simply, Medicare may consider the comprehensive and sophisticated nature of our care as “unnecessary.” Medicare also tends to deem education and counseling, a foundational aspect of our care, as minimally or entirely non- reimbursable. Worse, Medicare levels steep fines against clinics for treatment it does not consider necessary even if the treatment works or is grounded in scientific legitimacy. Ironically, patients seek us out precisely because we deliver comprehensive and sophisticated care that extends beyond the community standard. Consequently, we are opting out of Medicare so that we can deliver the most comprehensive care that we deem necessary. 

Do you see children?

We see children on a limited, case-by-case basis. Please call to inquire.

Do you do medical-legal cases?

Dr. Jim’s participation in medical-legal cases is decided on a case-by-case basis.