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Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is the largest hidden epidemic facing the United States with an estimated 50 million Americans suffering silently. We seek to provide support, validation and scientifically based diagnosis and medical care to this overlooked, misunderstood and largely stigmatized group of patients.


Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) occurs when a genetically susceptible person develops an immune reaction to exposure to biotoxins. Biotoxins known to trigger Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome include Lyme disease from ticks, ciguatera from tainted reef fish and toxic red-tide algal blooms.

However, the most prevalent cause of CIRS is biotoxins from water-damaged buildings.

Colloquially referred to as “mold disease,” CIRS is a leading cause and contributor to a host of mysterious illnesses including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. A leading Alzheimer’s researcher Dr. Dale Bredesen identified water-damaged buildings as such an important cause of Alzheimers that he termed this mechanism “inhalational Alzheimers,” a reference to the mechanism of breathing in immune stimulating particles from the environment.


The symptoms are far-ranging and nearly always includes fatigue. Since fatigue is such a prominent symptom, patients with CIRS frequently get misdiagnosed as cases of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression.

Other common symptoms include weakness, unusual pains throughout the body, blurry vision, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cognitive decline and psychiatric problems. Due to this diversity of symptoms affecting different systems in the body and overall complexity, it often takes years before a patient is properly diagnosed.


The proper diagnosis involves understanding the environmental exposure and assessing symptoms. More importantly, there are objective lab and brain imaging biomarkers that are present in nearly all patients. Response to treatment is also highly valuable for confirming the diagnosis.


We use the Shoemaker Protocol, the treatment approach that has the most scientific validation for its effectiveness in treating CIRS. It is a sequential protocol that occurs in multiple steps and involves the use of environmental changes, supplements, prescription medications and hormone support and supplementation.



  •   Me and both my sons are patients of Dr. Lysander Jim. The Dr. has given us answers after over 100 Dr.'s and 8 years of searching for answers left... read more

    thumb Jessica G.

      Amazing physician and person. My partner and I 100% believe that he saved our lives. I have already told all my loved ones that he is the one to... read more

    thumb Martel W.

      Dr. Jim has been there for me since my journey started with mold illness. I've been sick for a long time and I've been to many doctors and holistic practitioners... read more

    thumb Katrina R.
  •   I accompanied my wife on her initial visit to Dr. Jim. We were greeted promptly and ushered promptly to a room with all appropriate COVID-19 precautions being observed.

    Dr.... read more

    thumb George S.

      After seeing seven different doctors in my pursuit of a solution to chronic fatigue and malaise, Dr Jim has been the most thorough and knowledgeable. He is clearly continuing his... read more

    thumb Marya S.

      Dr.Jim has been very helpful to my family and is a patient listener with great advice.

    thumb Elisabeth P.
  •   I was seen by Dr. Lysander (Dr. Jim as he likes to be called) in February 2020 for assessment and diagnosis of long-standing lumbar back pain with acute, debilitating episodes... read more

    thumb Michael K.

      Staff was very polite and well mannered! 5/5. Treated with respect on phone call and answered in timely fas

    thumb Logan B.

      I have been seeing Dr. Jim for CIRS. I can not speak highly enough of him as a competent and caring physician who is very well versed in the diagnosis... read more

    thumb Carla W.
  •   Excellent young optimistic smart and passionate doctor trained in Shoemaker protocol. Highly recommend.

    Like some of the other reviewers, I took my son to countless doctors before Dr. Jim.... read more

    thumb Jackie L.

      My visit with Dr Lysander Jim was one of the most thorough visits I have seen with a doctor. He has a very pleasant and friendly demeanor and listened to... read more

    thumb Patrick D.

      Dr. Jim was the first doctor to diagnose me with CIRS, after years of searching for answers due to severe chronic migraines with neurologists, PCPs, acupuncture practitioners, chiropractors and even... read more

    thumb Crisol M.

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Excellent young optimistic smart and passionate doctor trained in Shoemaker protocol. Highly recommend. Like some of the other reviewers, I took my son to countless doctors before Dr. Jim. He has a very optimistic attitude with chronically ill patients, such as my child. This is very unusual as many doctors treating mold don’t understand how much a chronically ill patient needs to hear that he believes he can get them well (90 percent). He is also very kind, and caring. He is a great listener and is truly passionate about helping patients with mold illness. You can tell that he is very smart, and is willing to go the distance with patients to get them well. I really can’t say enough nice things about him. I can’t imagine any one not being thrilled with his services. My child is now 2500 miles from him, but we will never leave his care. Very blessed to have found him!


I came to Dr. Jim from Canada looking for a doctor to address my symptoms of both mold illness and chronic low back pain. He was able to do both and went out of his way to make sure I had as long of sessions as I needed to be properly diagnosed and educated as to my back injury and the proper care and exercises I would need in order to heal! Since then, I have been having much less pain and can tell that my body is slowly beginning to heal itself compared to misdiagnosises in the past that left me in a perpetual cycle of pain flares. He also appropriated the bloodwork I would need to get a proper diagnosis for my mold illness symptoms to provide accurate care and medicine. Allowing me to give him my full, detailed medical history, he was able to start me on a few medicines right away which have slowly helped me feel like there is hope to come out of this. I highly recommend him and his team!


Dr Jim is the first and only doctor to truly take the time to properly diagnose me for mold disease. I have been seeing Dr Jim for over one year and every supplement and medication was prescribed after careful testing and attention to every detail. I could not recommend him enough to anyone suffering from mold / CIRS. My healing has been remarkable over the past year and a half of his treatment. Yet as all mold illness goes, I recently had a flare up of symptoms so severe I felt the ER (during a pandemic) was the next necessary step, to make sure nothing life altering was going on. Dr Jim not only called several times to check in on me, but kept his phone on him all evening to be texted updates. I have never had a medical care professional give my mysterious illness such proper care and expert attention. Thank you Dr Jim for being such an outlier in the medical field.


My visit with Dr Lysander Jim was one of the most thorough visits I have seen with a doctor. He has a very pleasant and friendly demeanor and listened to my story of health issues caused from mold. He did a thorough examination including visual contrast test and neurological testing. He explained to me all of my questions and I was very pleased with his explanations and insight into my condition. He even contacted me on a Saturday for questions I had regarding treatment. I did all the blood work he requested and have started a medication for me healing path. I highly recommend him. I traveled to LA from Vancouver to see Dr. Jim for CIRS. He was very knowledgeable and professional and spent a lot of time talking with me. We have a plan to follow and Dr. Jim has been good in answering my many questions via email. It is early days for me, but I am very hopeful that Dr. Jim has me on the road to recovery. Oscar at the front desk is great and very organized!


I travel half way across the country to see Dr. Jim and he is wonderful. I’ve been working with Dr. Jim for over a year after seeing dozens of doctors. He is thorough, does a great job of explaining very complex medical problems and is compassionate. I believe he truly understands how much his patients are suffering and he really cares about helping each patient heal or at least regain some quality of life. I wish more doctors were like Dr. Jim and I wish I had found someone like Dr. Jim years ago.


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