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Mastery Medical specializes in the treatment of select complex chronic illnesses for which we can make a substantial improvement in diagnostic precision and treatment outcomes compared with conventional medical care. These include the treatment of low back pain and chronic inflammatory conditions from mold exposure.

The Book For Your Back

Specific Spine

Dr. Lysander Jim M.D., has written a comprehensive book on uncovering the issues many people face with their back and most specifically the spine.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Lysander Jim, M.D.

Dr. Lysander Jim is a Board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor who specializes in the treatment of low back pain and immunological conditions arising from damp building exposure. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (2007) and earned his medical doctorate (M.D.) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2011). Dr. Jim then completed a medical internship at new York hospital, Queens before completing his training. In 2015, Dr. Jim completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with top scholastic honors at the Veteran Affairs Hospital/University of California in Los Angeles.


How It Helps You Stay Healthy

We are dedicated to providing a high level of care for patients with neck pain, back
pain, low back pain, sciatica, myelopathy and other spine conditions.


Get a precise diagnosis and treatment plan with the McGill Method assessment by a Master Clinician.


We seek to provide support, validation and scientifically based diagnosis and medical care to our patients.

Medical Legal Work

Contact us to determine our care related to medical/legal cases.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Chris Carey
Chris Carey
TLDR - the most caring, thorough, knowledgeable , and honest doctor to see if you’re experiencing back pain. 5 stars. Would give 6 if I could. 37m, herniated disc Oct ‘22 in the gym with heavy weights and bad form causing severe sciatica and pain. Nightmare pain I saw 15~ doctors over a 9mo timeline trying to get a definitive game plan to get my life back. Not one was as interested or thorough as Dr. Jim. Using Stu McGills framework (but adding his own expertise being an MD), I left with an affirmative game-plan and confidence that I finally had someone in my corner. He taught me a ton, including some “red flag” symptoms that I was experiencing, that other doctors hadn’t mentioned. Cannot put a price tag on that type of care and attention to detail. As if I didn’t think my first few hours couldn’t be more impressed with Dr. Jim, he ended up giving me a call on Sunday to follow up from an ER visit and check how I was doing. Truly cared about my well being. If you are experiencing pain and on the fence about seeing Dr. Jim and Maria, I would recommend them 100 times out of 100. Truly a guiding light.
Shell Y
Shell Y
Dr. Jim was my saving grace throughout CIRS recovery for my son and myself. He listened to all of my concerns and was very caring to both my son and myself. Under his care, both of us are feeling so much better than we were before. His office is very clean and his staff is friendly and professional. I hope we never need him again, but if we end up mold sick again, he will be our first stop. Thank you Dr. Jim!
Ben Arrue
Ben Arrue
Having Dr. Jim and his staff helping me through my injury and the most difficult time in my life has been a blessing. He truly cares about you as a person and wants to do his very best to provide you with the care that you deserve. The appointments are not rushed and he's extremely thorough when treating you. Without Dr. Jim I would be much worse off, so I'm very grateful to have found such a knowledgeable and caring doctor. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Jim.
Joe Op-Z
Joe Op-Z
It has been 10 months since I visited doctor Jim and my back pain has reduced about 70% as long as I continue to do the recommended exercises and walking, Things seem to be working out well. Now just trying to get rid of my morning back pain is the next task. So maybe a new mattress is next on the list. I've been an auto mechanic for over 50 years and I thought there was no help for my back after seeing about a dozen doctors but I guess there is hope with the McGill method.
Lisa Tyson
Lisa Tyson
I highly recommend Dr. Lysander Jim who helped me significantly from CIRS and mold illness. Nothing else took away the pain until I was on his protocol. He is understanding and patient. Go see him!
Brenda harbst
Brenda harbst
He was good with figuring out that my house was making me mold sick. A year later I am still sick but I’ve had breast implant illness as well as CIRS from mold exposure. I’m only 30 percent into the shoemaker protocol. Some days are better than others. Hope to make a full recovery very very soon.
Kelley Derr
Kelley Derr
Dr. Jim was the 9th medical professional I consulted with for chronic, debilitating back pain. I had been diagnosed with lumbar disc disease and was offered surgery and pain medication but wanted to try physical rehab first. I dedicated myself to traditional PT, but made little to no progress. I was confused, frustrated and heading towards deep depression. I saw Dr. Jim when I discovered that he has studied Dr. Stuart McGill's mechanical approach to fixing back pain. We worked together on a weekly basis for 6-7 months to address my spine issues. Dr. Jim became deeply invested in my case; he checked in with me often and spent many hours outside of my scheduled appointments poring over my many MRI images and reports. It was Dr. Jim that recommended I consult with a specialist to further investigate several cysts in my sacrum before having disc surgery. Had I not seen Dr. Jim, it is likely that I would have had the wrong surgery for my particular issue. I highly recommend Dr. Jim!
Brit B.
Brit B.
Dr Jim is the first and only doctor to truly take the time to properly diagnose me for mold disease. I have been seeing Dr Jim for over one year and every supplement and medication was prescribed after careful testing and attention to every detail. I could not recommend him enough to anyone suffering from mold / CIRS. My healing has been remarkable over the past year and a half of his treatment. Yet as all mold illness goes, I recently had a flare up of symptoms so severe I felt the ER (during a pandemic) was the next necessary step, to make sure nothing life altering was going on. Dr Jim not only called several times to check in on me, but kept his phone on him all evening to be texted updates. I have never had a medical care professional give my mysterious illness such proper care and expert attention. Thank you Dr Jim for being such an outlier in the medical field.


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