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Mastery Medical specializes in the treatment of select complex chronic illnesses for which we can make a substantial improvement in diagnostic precision and treatment outcomes compared with conventional medical care. These include the treatment of low back pain and chronic inflammatory conditions from mold exposure.

The Book For Your Back

Specific Spine

Dr. Lysander Jim M.D., has written a comprehensive book on uncovering the issues many people face with their back and most specifically the spine.

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Dr. Lysander Jim, M.D.

Dr. Lysander Jim is a Board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor who specializes in the treatment of low back pain and immunological conditions arising from damp building exposure. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (2007) and earned his medical doctorate (M.D.) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2011). Dr. Jim then completed a medical internship at new York hospital, Queens before completing his training. In 2015, Dr. Jim completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with top scholastic honors at the Veteran Affairs Hospital/University of California in Los Angeles.


How It Helps You Stay Healthy

We are dedicated to providing a high level of care for patients with neck pain, back
pain, low back pain, sciatica, myelopathy and other spine conditions.


Get a precise diagnosis and treatment plan with the McGill Method assessment by a Master Clinician.


We seek to provide support, validation and scientifically based diagnosis and medical care to our patients.

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Contact us to determine our care related to medical/legal cases.


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