the mcgill method

Our mission

The goal of our spine care is to restore lives through the use of the McGill Method. Developed by the foremost spine authority in the world, Professor Stuart McGill, this assessment and treatment approach is about finding the root-cause of your back pain and applying targeted treatment. This complex approach applies principles from anatomy, biomechanics, radiology, exercise science, and ergonomics. Patients who complete an assessment will leave with an understanding of:

  • A precise diagnosis in over 95% of cases
  • Your unique pain-trigger mechanisms
  • How to wind down your pain
  • The relationship between your symptoms and your spinal imaging
  • Pain-free postures and movement
  • An individualized exercise plan


The best roadmap out of back pain is to start with … a clear diagnosis. What this means is you need to learn the exact cause and type of your back problem, and the only way to arrive at that destination is through a detailed clinical history and physical examination, with imaging used as a guide.

The McGill Method examination lasts for three hours. The foundation of healing the spine requires changing the mechanical stresses the injured back experiences–approximately half of the time is to find the cause and the other half is applied toward coaching in posture, movements, and exercises. Learn how to move in a safe manner and rebuild your spine so that you can eliminate pain, increase your athleticism, and get your life back.

This approach integrates the best of medicine, physical therapy, and exercise coaching.




Dr. Lysander Jim is the only Medical Doctor in the world certified as a McGill Method Master Clinician, an elite clinical designation for spine care achieved by only five clinicians in the United States. What this means for you is each assessment reaches a level of scientific rigor and clinical mastery that reaches the exacting standard of the world’s leading spine clinician and scientist.